Text from YouTube: The in between size to my other video. This can be expanded in or made smaller in increments of 5 bights, too.

How to tie the 5L 11B 2-pass Gaucho ie Spanish Ring knot – the easy way

Fast and easy way to tie a 5L 14B Gaucho knot ie enlargened Spanish Ring knot

Text from YuoTube: An fast and easy way to tie a 5L 14B gaucho knot ie an enlargened Spanish Ring knot. This utilizes the direct build or braid method which does not need a base Turkshead. I simplified this method so that wide (as in more bights) Gaucho knots can be tied without the use of tools. You can enlargen it as much as you want. After I found out how to do it I remembered seeing the similar method in Loren Damewood’s video on the 5L 7B turkshead. When I watched it about a year ago or earlier I could not really grasp it. Interesting how we subconciously process information.

Five-by-seven Turk’s-head

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