Technical Specifications
Calibre 9mm Browning Short or .380 ACP
Overall Lenght 145 mm
Overall Height  
Overall Width  
Weight 750 g
Line of sight  
Barrel 81 mm
Trigger wright  
Magazine Capacity 8 shots
The Unique model Rr51 (aka model 51) was a revision of the Unique Kriegsmodell first produced during the WWII German occupation of France. After liberation, Unique returned the Kriegsmodell to production (as the model R) for the French military from 1945-1951, when the Rr51 began production. The most obvious difference is that the Kriegsmodell/R has a long extractor while the Rr51 has a short extractor. The same pistol was made in .380 as the Fr51. The .22LR version (initially called the model RD, later the model 52, and sold in the US as the “Ranger”) was used by the French gendarmerie as a training pistol, since it duplicated the .32 service pistol in all but caliber.

According to French sources, the last delivery of Unique model Rr51 pistol were 640 pistols shipped to the gendarmerie in March of 1998; by this time, the Unique pistols were primarily used by auxillary or reserve forces.


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