Olymic Games – Olympiske Leker

Olymic Games

There have been shooting events at every Olympics except in 1904 and 1928. The variety is almost bewildering in the early years, because there were so many highly specialized categories, such as dueling pistols and the 1873-74 Model Gras Military Revolver.
From 1968 through 1980, women were allowed to compete on an equal standing with men in all shooting events. Separate events for women were added in 1984.
If competitors are tied for a medal, the number of bulls-eyes is used as a tiebreaker in many events. When that happened, the raw score is shown below, followed by a slash mark and the number of bulls-eyes.

Criteria for Inclusion
To be added to the Summer Olympics, a sport or discipline must be widely practised by men in at least 75 countries on four continents and by women in at least 40 countries on three continents. To be added to the Winter Olympics, it must be widely practised in at least 25 countries on three continents.
A sport or discipline is added to the Olympic program at least seven years before the Olympic Games for which it is to be added.
To be included in the Olympics, an event must be practised by men in at least 50 countries on three continents and by women in at least 35 countries on three continents. In addition, it must have been included at least twice in world or continental championships. An event is added to the Olympic program four years in advance of the Olympic games for which it is to be first included.
There’s a little-noted rule that sports, disciplines, and events that depend essentially on mechanical propulsion are not acceptable in the Olympics. That excludes aerobatics, air racing, auto racing, powerboat racing, motorcycle racing, and snowmobiling. (Although powerboating was briefly an Olympic sport, before that rule was in place.)

Olympic Symbol and Flag
The Olympic rings were designed by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games. The symbol first appeared in the Paris magazine “Le Bon Marche” in 1913 and it was approved at the Olympic Congress in 1914.
The Olympic Rings
De Coubertin originally intended the symbol to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the modern Olympics in 1916, but the Games were cancelled because of World War I. At the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium, the Olympic flag was hoisted for the first time and the rings became the official Olympic symbol. The flag has the five rings on a white background, with no border.
The rings were meant to represent the five previous modern Olympic games. However, they soon came to represent the five continents.
The top three rings are blue, black, and red; the bottom two are yellow and green. The colors were chosen because every country in the world uses at least one of them (including the white background) on its official flag.
It’s often said each ring represents a specific continent, but the IOC says that isn’t so. For the record, though, here are the continents that the rings are said to represent:
* Blue – Europe
* Black – Africa
* Red – America
* Yellow – Asia
* Green – Oceania
The Olympic flag is hoisted during the opening ceremony and lowered at the closing ceremony to signify the end of the Games.
The rings were first shown on Olympic medals for the 1928 Winter Olympics, and they’ve appeared on all Winter Olympic medals since then. However, they didn’t show up on Summer Olympic medals until the 1956 equestrian competition, which was held in Sweden because of Austtralia’s embargo against bringing horses into the country. Since 1976, they’ve also appeared on the medals at all Summer Olympics.

2004 Athens
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Mikhail Nestruev, RUS 663.3 Jong Oh Jin, KOR 661.5 Jong Su Kim, PRK 657.7
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Ralf Schumann, GER 694.9 Sergei Poliakov, RUS 692.7 Sergei Alifirenko, RUS 692.3
Men’s Air Pistol Yifu Wang, CHN 690.0 Mikhail Nestruev, RUS 689.8 Vladimir Isakov, RUS 684.3
Men’s Rifle, Prone Matthew Emmons, USA 703.3 Christian Lusch, GER 702.2 Sergei Martynov, BLR 701.6
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Zhanbo Jia, CHN 1264.5 Michael Anti, USA 1263.1 Christian Planer, AUT 1262.8
Men’s Air Rifle Qinan Zhu, CHN 702.7 Jie Li, CHN 701.3 Jozef Gonci, SVK 101.4
Men’s Running Target Manfred Kurzer, GER 682.4 Alexander Blinov, RUS 678.0 Dimitri Lykin, RUS 677.1
Women’s Sport Pistol Maria Grozdeva, BUL 688.2 Lenka Hykova, CZE 687.8 Irada Ashumova, AZE 687.3
Women’s Air Pistol Olena Kostevych, UKR 483.3 (99.3) Jasna Sekaric, SCG 483.3 (96.3) Maria Grozdeva, BUL 482.3
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Lioubov Galkina, RUS 688.4 Valentina Turisini, ITA 685.9 Chengyi Wang, CHN 685.4
Women’s Air Rifle Li Dun, CHN 502.0 Lioubov Galkina, RUS 501.5 Katerina Kurkova, CZE 501.1
Men Skeet Andrea Benelli, ITA 149 Marko Kemppainen, FIN 149 Juan Miguel Rodriguez, CUB 147
Women Skeet Diana Igaly, HUN 97 Ning Wei, CHN 93 Zemfira Meftakhetdinova, AZE 93
Men Trap Alexei Alipov, RUS 149 Giovanni Pellielo, ITA 146 Adam Vella, AUS 145
Women Trap Suzanne Balogh, AUS 88 Maria Quintanal, ESP 84 Bo Na Lee, KOR 83
Double Trap – Men Ahmed Almaktoum, UAE 189 Rajyavardhan S. Rathore, IND 179 Zheng Wang, CHN 178
Double Trap – Women Kimberly Rhode, USA 146 Bo Na Lee, KOR 145 E Gao, CHN 142
2000 Sydney
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Tanyu Kiriakov, BUL 666.0 Igor Basinsky, BLR 663.3 Martin Tenk, CZE 662.5
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Sergey Alifirenko, RUS 687.6 Michel Ansernet, SUI 686.1 Iulian Raicea, ROM 684.6
Men’s Air Pistol Franck Dumoulin, FRA 688.9 Wang Yifu, CHN 686.9 Igor Basinsky, BLR 682.7
Men’s Rifle, Prone Jonas Edman, SWE 701.3 Torben Grimmel, DEN 700.4 Sergey Martynov, BLR 700.3
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Rajmond Debevec, SLO 1275.1 Juha Hirvi, FIN 1270.5 Harald Stenvaag, NOR 1268.6
Men’s Air Rifle Cai Yalin, CHN 696.4 Artem Khadzhibekov, RUS 696.1 Yevgeniy Aleinikov, RUS 693.8
Men’s Running Target Yang Ling, CHN 681.1 Oleg Moldovan, MDA 681.0 Niu Zhiyaun, CHN 677.4
Women’s Sport Pistol Maria Grozveda, BUL 690.3 Tao Luna, CHN 689.8 Lolita Evglevskaya, BLR 686.0
Women’s Air Pistol Tao Luna, CHN 488.2 Jasna Šekaric, YUG 486.5 Annemarie Forder, AUS 484.0
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Renata Mauer, POL 684.6 Tatyana Goldobina, RUS 680.9 Mariya Feklistova, RUS 679.9
Women’s Air Rifle Nancy Johnson, USA 497.7 Kang Cho-Hyun, KOR 497.5 Gao Jing, CHN 497.2
Men Skeet Mikola Milchev, UKR 150 Petr Malek, CZE 148 James Graves, USA 147
Women Skeet Zemfira Meftakhetdinova, AZE 98 Svetlana Demina, RUS 95 Diana Igaly, HUN 93
Men Trap Michael Diamond, AUS 147 Ian Peel, GBR 142 Giovanni Pellielo, ITA 140
Women Trap Daina Gudzineviciuté, LTU 93 Delphine Racinet, FRA 92 Gao E, CHN 90
Double Trap – Men Richard Faulds, GBR 187 Russell Mark, AUS 187 Fehaid All-Deehani, KUW 186
Double Trap – Women Pia Hansen, SWE 148 Deborah Gelisio, ITA 144 Kim Rhode, USA 139
1996 Atlanta
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Boris Kokorev, RUS 666.4 Igor Basinsky, BLR 662.0 Roberto Di Donna, ITA 661.8
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Ralf Schumann, GER 698.0 Emil Milev, BUL 692.1 Vladimir Vokhmyanin, KAZ 691.5
Men’s Air Pistol Roberto Di Donna, ITA 684.2 Wang Yifu, CHN 684.1 Taniu Kiryakov, BUL 683.8
Men’s Rifle, Prone Christian Klees, GER 704.8 Sergey Belyayev, KAZ 703.3 Jozef Gönci, SVK 701.9
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Jean-Pierre Amat, FRA 1273.9 Sergey Belyayev, KAZ 1272.3 Wolfram Waibel, AUT 1269.6
Men’s Air Rifle Artem Khadzhibekov, RUS 695.7 Wolfram Waibel, AUT 695.2 Jean-Pierre Amat, FRA 693.1
Men’s Running Target Yang Ling, CHN 685.8 Xiao Jun, CHN 679.8 Miroslav Januš, CZE 678.4
Women’s Sport Pistol Li Duihong, CHN 687.9 Diana Yorgova, BUL 684.8 Marina Logvinenko, RUS 684.2
Women’s Air Pistol Olga Klochneva, RUS 490.1 Marina Logvinenko, RUS 488.5 Maria Grozdeva, BUL 488.5
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Aleksandra Ivošev, YUG 686.1 Irina Gerasimenok, RUS 680.1 Renata Mauer, POL 679.8
Women’s Air Rifle Renata Mauer, POL 497.6 Petra Horneber, GER 497.4 Aleksandra Ivošev, YUG 497.2
Men Skeet Ennio Falco, ITA 149 Miroslaw Rzepkowski, POL 148 Andrea Benelli, ITA 147
Men Trap Michael Diamond, AUS 149 Joshua Lakatos, USA 147 Lance Bade, USA 147
Double Trap – Men Russell Mark, AUS 189 Albano Pera, ITA 183 Zhang Bing, CHN 183
Double Trap – Women Kim Rhode, USA 141 Susanne Kiermayer, GER 139 Deserie Huddleston, AUS 139
1992 Barcelona
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Konstantin Lukashik, EUN 658 Wang Yifu, CHN 657 Ragnar Skanåker, SWE 657
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Ralf Schumann, GER 885 Afanasijs Kuzmins, LAT 882 Vladimir Vokhmyanin, EUN 882
Men’s Air Pistol Wang Yifu, CHN 684.8 Sergey Pyzhyanov, EUN 684.1 Sorin Babii, ROM 684.1
Men’s Rifle, Prone Lee Eun-Chul, KOR 702.5 Harald Stenvaag, NOR 701.4 Stevan Pletikosic, IOP 701.1
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Hrachya Petikyan, EUN 1267.4 Robert Foth, USA 1266.6 Ryohei Koba, JPN 1265.9
Men’s Air Rifle Yuriy Fedkin, EUN 695.3 Franck Badiou, FRA 691.9 Johann Riederer, GER 691.7
Men’s Running Target Michael Jakosits, GER 673 Anatoliy Asrabayev, EUN 672 Luboš Racanský, TCH 670
Women’s Sport Pistol Marina Logvinenko, EUN 684 Li Duihong, CHN 680 Dorzhsuren Munkhbayar, MGL 679
Women’s Air Pistol Marina Dobrancheva Logvinenko, EUN 486.4 Jasna Šekaric, IOP 486.4 Maria Grozdeva, BUL 481.6
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Launi Meili, USA 684.3 Nonka Matova, BUL 682.7 Malgorzata Ksiazkiewicz, POL 681.5
Women’s Air Rifle Yeo Kab-Soon, KOR 498.2 Vessela Letcheva, BUL 495.3 Aranka Binder, IOP 495.1
Men Skeet Zhang Shan, CHN 223 Juan Giha Yarur, PER 222 Bruno Rossetti, ITA 222
Men Trap Petr Hrdlicka, TCH 219 Kazumi Watanabe, JPN 219 Marco Venturini, ITA 218
1988 Seoul
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Sorin Babii, ROM 660 Ragnar Skanåker, SWE 657 Igor Basinsky, URS 657
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Afanasijs Kuzmins, URS 698 Ralf Schumann, GDR 696 Zoltán Kovács, HUN 693
Men’s Air Pistol Taniu Kiryakov, BUL 687.9 Erich Buljung, USA 687.9 Xu Haifeng, CHN 684.5
Men’s Rifle, Prone Miroslav Varga, TCH 703.9 Cha Young-Chul, KOR 702.8 Attila Záhonyi, HUN 701.9
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Malcolm Cooper, GBR 1279.3 Alister Allan, GBR 1275.6 Kirill Ivanov, URS 1275.0
Men’s Air Rifle Goran Maksimovic, YUG 695.6 Nicolas Berthelot, FRA 694.2 Johann Riederer, FRG 694.0
Men’s Running Target Tor Heiestad, NOR 689 Huang Shiping, CHN 687 Gennadiy Avramenko, URS 686
Women’s Sport Pistol Nino Salukvadze, URS 690 Tomoko Hasegawa, JPN 686 Jasna Šekaric, YUG 686
Women’s Air Pistol Jasna Šekaric, YUG 489.5 Nino Salukvadze, URS 487.9 Marina Dobrancheva, URS 485.2
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Sylvia Sperber, FRG 685.6 Vessela Letcheva, BUL 683.2 Valentina Cherkasova, URS 681.4
Women’s Air Rifle Irina Shilova, URS 498.5 Sylvia Sperber, FRG 497.5 Anna Malukhina, URS 495.8
Men Skeet Axel Wegner, GDR 222 Alfonso de Iruarrizaga, CHI 221 Jorge Guardiola, ESP 220
Men Trap Dmitriy Monakov, URS 222 Miroslav Bednarík, TCH 222 Franz Peeters, BEL 219
1984 Los Angeles
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Xu Haifeng, CHN 566 Ragnar Skanåker, SWE 565 Wang Yifu, CHN 564
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Takeo Kamachi, JPN 595 Corneliu Ion, ROM 593 Rauno Bies, FIN 591
Men’s Rifle, Prone Ed Etzel, USA 599 Michel Bury, FRA 596 Mike Sullivan, GBR 596
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Malcolm Cooper, GBR 1173 Daniel Nipkow, SUI 1163 Alister Allan, GBR 1162
Men’s Air Rifle Philippe Hébérle, FRA 589 Andreas Kronthaher, AUT 587 Barry Dagger, GBR 587
Men’s Running Target Li Yuwei, CHN 587 Helmut Bellingrodt, COL 584 Huang Shiping, CHN 581
Women’s Sport Pistol Linda Thom, CAN 585 Ruby Fox, USA 585 Patricia Dench, AUS 583
Women’s Rifle, 3-Position Wu Xiaoxuan, CHN 581 Ulrike Holmler, FRG 578 Wanda Jewell, USA 578
Women’s Air Rifle Pat Spurgin, USA 393 Edith Gufler, ITA 391 Wu Xiaoxuan, CHN 389
Men Skeet Matt Dryke, USA 198 Ole Riber Rasmussen, DEN 196 Luca Scribani Rossi, ITA 196
Men Trap Luciano Giovannetti, ITA 192 Francisco Boza, PER 192 Dan Carlisle, USA 192
1980 Moscow
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Aleksandr Melentyev, URS 581 Harald Vollmar, GDR 568 Lyubcho Diakov, BUL 565
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Corneliu Ion, ROM 596 Jürgen Wiefel, GDR 596 Gerhard Petritsch, AUT 596
Men’s Rifle, Prone Károly Varga, HUN 599 Hellfried Heilfort, GDR 599 Petar Zapianov, BUL 598
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Viktor Vlasov, URS 1173 Bernd Hartstein, GDR 1166 Sven Johansson, SWE 1165
Men’s Running Target Igor Sokolov, URS 589 Thomas Pfeffer, GDR 589 Aleksandr Gazov, URS 587
Men Skeet Hans Kjeld Rasmussen, DEN 196 Lars-Göran Carlsson, SWE 196 Roberto Castrillo, CUB 196
Men Trap Luciano Giovannetti, ITA 198 Rustam Yambulatov, URS 196 Jörg Damme, GDR 196
1976 Montreal
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Uwe Potteck, GDR 573 Harald Vollmar, GDR 567 Rudolf Dollinger, AUT 562
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Norbert Klaar, GDR 597 Jürgen Wiefel, GDR 596 Roberto Ferraris, ITA 595
Men’s Rifle, Prone Karlheinz Smieszek, FRG 599 Ulrich Lind, FRG 597 Gennadiy Lushchikov, URS 595
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Lanny Bassham, USA 1162 Margaret Murdock, USA 1162 Werner Siebold, FRG 1160
Men’s Running Target Aleksandr Gazov, URS 579 Aleksandr Kedyarov, URS 576 Jerzy Greszkiewicz, POL 571
Men Skeet Josef Panacek, TCH 198 Eric Swinkels, NED 198 Wieslaw Gawlikowski, POL 196
1972 Munich
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men Trap Donald Haldeman, USA 190 Armando da Silva Marques, POR 189 Ubaldesco Baldi, ITA 189
Men’s Free Pistol Ragnar Skanåker, SWE 567 Dan Iuga, ROM 562 Rudolf Dollinger, AUT 560
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Józef Zapedzki, POL 595 Ladislav Falta, TCH 594 Viktor Torshin, URS 593
Men’s Rifle, Prone Li Ho-Jun, PRK 599 Victor Auer, USA 598 Nicolae Rotaru, ROM 598
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position John Writer, USA 1166 Lanny Bassham, USA 1157 Werner Lippoldt, GDR 1153
Men’s Running Target Lakov Zheleznyak, URS 569 Helmut Bellingrodt, COL 565 John Kynoch, GBR 562
Free Rifle, 3-Position Lones Wigger, USA 1155 Boris Melnik, URS 1155 Lajos Papp, HUN 1149
Men Skeet Konrad Wirnhier, FRG 195 Yevgeniy Petrov, URS 195 Michael Buchheim, GDR 195
Men Trap Angelo Scalzone, ITA 199 Michel Carrega, FRA 198 Silvano Basagni, ITA 195
1968 Mexico City
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Grigoriy Kossykh, URS 562/30 Heinz Mertel, FRG 562/26 Harald Vollmar, GDR 560
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Józef Zapedzki, POL 593 Marcel Rosca, ROM 591 Renart Suleimanov, URS 591
Men’s Rifle, Prone Jan Kurka, TCH 598 László Hammerl, HUN 598 Ian Ballinger, NZL 597
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Bernd Klinger, FRG 1157 John Writer, USA 1156 Viktor Parkhimovich, URS 1154
Free Rifle, 3-Position Gary Anderson, USA 1157 Vladimir Kornev, URS 1151 Kurt Müller, SUI 1148
Men Skeet Yevgeniy Petrov, URS 198 Romano Garagnani, ITA 198 Konrad Wirnhier, FRG 198
Men Trap John “Bob” Braithwaite, GBR 198 Thomas Garrigus, USA 196 Kurt Czekalla, GDR 196
1964 Tokyo
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Väinö Markkanen, FIN 560 Franklin Green, USA 557 Yoshihisa Yoshikawa, JPN 554
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Pentti Linnosvuo, FIN 592 Ion Tripsa, ROM 591 Lubomír Nacovsky, TCH 590
Men’s Rifle, Prone László Hammerl, HUN 597 Lones Wigger, USA 597 Tommy Pool, USA 596
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Lones Wigger, USA 1164 Velichko Velichkov, BUL 1152 László Hammerl, HUN 1151
Free Rifle, 3-Position Gary Anderson, USA 1153 Shota Kveliashvili, URS 1144 Martin Gunnarsson, USA 1136
Men Trap Ennio Mattarelli, ITA 198 Pâvels Senicevs, URS 194 William Morris, USA 194
1960 Rome
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Aleksey Gushchin, URS 560 Makhmud Umarov, URS 552 Yoshihisa Yoshikawa, JPN 552
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol William McMillan, USA 587 Pentti Linnosvuo, FIN 587 Aleksandr Zabelin, URS 587
Men’s Rifle, Prone Peter Kohnke, GER 590 James Hill, USA 589 Enrico Forcella Pelliccioni, VEN 587
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Viktor Shamburkin, URS 1149 Marat Niyazov, URS(TKM) 1145 Klaus Zähringer, GER 1139
Free Rifle, 3-Position Hubert Hammerer, AUT 1129 Hans Spillman, SUI 1127 Vasiliy Borisov, URS 1127
Men Trap Ion Dumitrescu, ROM 192 Galliano Rossini, ITA 191 Sergey Kalinin, URS 190
1956 Melbourne
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Pentti Linnosvuo, FIN 556/26 Makhmud Umarov, URS 556/24 Offutt Pinion, USA 551
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Stefan Petrescu, ROM 587 Yevgeniy Cherkasov, URS 585 Gheorghe Lichiardopol, ROM 581
Men’s Rifle, Prone Gerald Ouellette, CAN 600 Vasiliy Borisov, URS 599 Gilmour Boa, CAN 598
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Anatoliy Bogdanov, URS 1172 Otakar Horinek, TCH 1172 Nils Johan Sundberg, SWE 1167
Free Rifle, 3-Position Vasiliy Borisov, URS 1138 Allan Erdman, URS 1137 Vilho Ylönen, FIN 1128
Running Deer, Single & Double Shot Vitaliy Romanenko, URS 441 Per Olof Sköldberg, SWE 432 Vladimir Sevryugin, URS 429
Men Trap Galliano Rossini, ITA 195 Adam Smelczynski, POL 190 Alessandro Ciceri, ITA 188
1952 Helsinki
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Huelet Benner, USA 553 Ángel León de Gozalo, ESP 550 Ambrus Balogh, HUN 549
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Károly Takács, HUN 579 Szilárd Jun, HUN 578 Gheorghe Lichiardopol, ROM 578
Men’s Rifle, Prone Iosif Sârbu, ROM 400 Boris Andreyev, URS 400 Arthur Jackson, USA 399
Men’s Rifle, 3-Position Erling Kongshaug, NOR 1164 Vilho Ylönen, FIN 1164 Boris Andreyev, URS 1163
Free Rifle, 3-Position Anatoliy Bogdanov, URS 1123 Robert Bürchler, SUI 1120 Lev Vainshtein, URS 1109
Running Deer, Single & Double Shot John Larsen, NOR 413 Per Olof Sköldberg, SWE 409 Tauno Mäki, FIN 407
Men Trap George Généreux, CAN 192 Knut Holmqvist, SWE 191 Hans Liljedahl, SWE 190
1948 London
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Edwin Vásquez, PER 545 Rudolf Schnyder, SUI 539 Torsten Ullman, SWE 539
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Károly Takács, HUN 580 Carlos Enrique Díaz Sáenz Valiente, ARG 571 Sven Lundqvist, SWE 569
Men’s Rifle, Prone Arthur Cook, USA 599 Walter Tomsen, USA 599 Jonas Jonsson, SWE 597
Free Rifle, 3-Position Emil Grünig, SUI 1120 Pauli Janhonen, FIN 1114 Willy Røgeberg, NOR 1112
1936 Berlin
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Torsten Ullman, SWE 559 Erich Krempel, GER 544 Charles Juchault des Jammonières, FRA 540
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Cornelius van Oyen, GER 36 Heinz Hax, GER 35 Torsten Ullman, SWE 34
Men’s Rifle, Prone Willy Røgeberg, NOR 300 Ralph Berzsenyi, HUN 296 Wladyslaw Karas, POL 296
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Renzo Morigi, ITA 36 Heinz Hax, GER 36 Domenico Matteucci, ITA 36
Men’s Rifle, Prone Bertil Rönnmark, SWE 294 Gustavo Huet, MEX 294 Zoltán Hradetzky-Soós, HUN 293
1924 Paris
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Henry Bailey, USA 18 Wilhelm Carlberg, SWE 18 Lennart Hannelius, FIN 18
Men’s Rifle, Prone Pierre Coquelin de Lisle, FRA 398 Marcus Dinwiddle, USA 396 Josias Hartmann, SUI 394
Free Rifle (300-Meter 1896-1906; 600-Meter 1924) Morris Fisher, USA 95 Carl Osburn, USA 95 Niels Larsen, DEN 93
Free Rifle, Team (400+600+800-Meter) United States 676 France 646 Haiti 646
Running Deer, Single Shot John Boles, USA 40 Cyril Mackworth-Praed, GBR 39 Otto Olsen, NOR 39
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Norway 160 Sweden 154 United States
Running Deer, Double Shot Ole Andreas Lilloe-Olsen, NOR 76 Cyril Mackworth-Praed, GBR 72 Alfred Swahn, SWE 72
Running Deer, Double Shot, Team Great Britain 263 Norway 262 Sweden 250
Men Trap Gyula Halasy, HUN 98 Konrad Huber, FIN 98 Frank Hughes, USA 97
Double Shot Team United States 363 Canada 360 Finland 360
1920 Antwerp
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Karl Frederick, USA 496 Afranio da Costa, BRA 489 Alfred Lane, USA 481
Men’s Rapid-Fire Pistol Guilherme Paraense, BRA 274 Raymond Bracken, USA 272 Fritz Zulauf, SUI 269
Free Pistol, Team United States 2372 Sweden 2289 Brazil 2264
Rapid-Fire Pistol, Team United States 1310 Greece 1285 Switzerland 1270
Small-Bore Rifle, Standing Lawrence Nuesslein, USA 391 Arthur Rothrock, USA 386 Dennis Fenton, USA 385
Small-Bore Rifle, Standing, Team United States 1899 Sweden 1873 Norway 1866
Free Rifle, 3-Position Morris Fisher, USA 996 Niels Larsen, DEN 989 Østen Østensen, NOR 980
Free Rifle, 3-Position, Team United States 4876 Norway 4748 Switzerland 4698
Military Rifle, Standing Carl Osburn, USA 56 Lars Jørgen Madsen, DEN 55 Lawrence Nuesslein, USA 54
Military Rifle, Standing, Team Denmark 268 United States 255 Sweden 255
Military Rifle, Prone, 300 Meters Otto Olsen, NOR 60 0Léon Johnson, FRA 59/58 Fritz Kuchen, SUI 59/57
Military Rifle, Prone, 500 Meters Carl Hugo Johansson, SWE 59/58 Mauritz Eriksson, SWE 59/58/6 Lloyd Spooner, USA 59/58/5
Military Rifle, Prone, 300 Meters, Team United States 289 France 283 Finland 281
Military Rifle, Prone, 600 Meters, Team United States 287 South Africa 287 Sweden 287
Military Rifle, Prone, 300 & 600 Meters, Team United States 573 Norway 565 Switzerland 563
Running Deer, Single Shot Otto Olsen, NOR 43 Alfred Swahn, SWE 41 Harald Natvig, NOR 41
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Norway 178 Finland 159 United States 148
Running Deer, Double Shot Ole Andreas Lilloe-Olsen, NOR 82 Fredrik Landelius, SWE 77 Einar Liberg, NOR 71
Running Deer, Double Shot, Team Norway 343 Sweden 336 Finland 285
Men Trap Mark Arie, USA 95 Frank Troeh, USA 93 Frank Wright, USA 87
Double Shot Team United States 547 Belgium 503 Sweden 500
1912 Stockholm
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Alfred Lane, USA 499 Peter Dolfen, USA 474 Charles Stewart, GBR 470
Free Pistol, Team United States 1916 Sweden 1849 Great Britain 1804
Dueling Pistol, 30 Meters Alfred Lane, USA 287 Paul Palén, SWE 286 Johan Hübner von Holst, SWE 283
Dueling Pistol, Team Sweden 120/1145 Russia 118/1091 Great Britain 117/1097
Small-Bore Rifle (50+100 yards 1908; 50-Meter 1912) Frederick Hird, USA 194 William Milne, GBR 193 Harold Burt, GBR 192
Small-Bore Rifle, Team Great Britain 762 Sweden 748 United States 744
Free Rifle, 3-Position Paul Colas, FRA 987 Lars Jørgen Madsen, DEN 981 Niels Larsen, DEN 962
Free Rifle, 3-Position, Team Sweden 5655 Norway 5605 Denmark 5529
Military Rifle, 300 Meters Alexander Prokopp, HUN 97 Carl Osburn, USA 95 Embret Skogen, NOR 95
Military Rifle, 600 Meters Paul Colas, FRA 94 Carl Osburn, USA 94 John Jackson, USA 93
Military Rifle, Team United States 1687 Great Britain 1602 Sweden 1570
Disappearing Target Wilhelm Carlberg, SWE 242 Johan Hübner von Holst, SWE 233 Gustaf Ericsson, SWE 231
Disappearing Target, Team Sweden 925 Great Britain 917 United States 881
Running Deer, Single Shot Alfred Swahn, SWE 41 Åke Lundeberg, SWE 41 Nestori Toivonen, FIN 41
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Sweden 151 United States 132 Finland 158
Running Deer, Double Shot Åke Lundeberg, SWE 79 Edvard Benedicks, SWE 74 Oscar Swahn, SWE 72
Men Trap James Graham, USA 96 Alfred Göldel, GER 94 Harry Blau, RUS 91
Double Shot Team United States 532 Great Britain 511 Germany 510
1908 London
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Paul van Asbroeck, BEL 490 Réginald Storms, BEL 487 James Gorman, USA 485
Men’s Running Target John Fleming, GBR 24 Michael Matthews, GBR 24 William Marsden, GBR 24
Free Pistol, Team United States 1914 Belgium 1863 Great Britain 1817
Small-Bore Rifle (50+100 yards 1908; 50-Meter 1912) Arthur Carnell, GBR 387 Harry Humby, GBR 386 George Barnes, GBR 385
Small-Bore Rifle, Team Great Britain 771 Sweden 737 France 710
Free Rifle, 3-Position Albert Helgerud, NOR 909 Harry Simon, USA 887 Ole Sæther, NOR 883
Free Rifle, 3-Position, Team Norway 5055 Sweden 4711 France 4652
Military Rifle, 1908, 1000 Yards Joshua “Jerry” Milner, GBR 98 Kellogg Casey, USA 93 Maurice Blood, USA 92
Military Rifle, Team United States 2531 Great Britain 2497 Canada 2439
Disappearing Target William Styles, GBR 45 Harold Hawkins, GBR 45 Edward Amoore, GBR 45
Running Deer, Single Shot Oscar Swahn, SWE 25 Thomas “Ted” Ranken, GBR 24 Alexander Rogers, GBR 24
Running Deer, Single Shot, Team Sweden 86 Great Britain 85 Only two teams competed 123
Running Deer, Double Shot Walter Winans, USA 46 Thomas “Ted” Ranken, GBR 46 Oscar Swahn, SWE 38
Men Trap Walter Ewing, CAN 72 George Beattie, CAN 60 Alexander Maunder, GBR & Anastasios Metaxas, GRE 57
Double Shot Team Great Britain 407 Canada 405 Great Britain 372
1900 Paris
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Running Target Louis Debray, FRA 20 Pierre Nivet, FRA 20 Comte de Lambert, FRA 19
Free Revolver Karl Röderer, SUI 503 Achille Paroche, FRA 466 Konrad Stäheli, SUI 453
Free Revolver, Team Switzerland 2271 France 2203 Netherlands 1876
Military Revolver Maurice Larrouy, FRA 58 Léon Moreaux, FRA 57 Eugène Balme, FRA 57
Free Rifle, Standing Lars Jørgen Madsen, DEN 305 Ole Østmo, NOR 299 Charles Paumier du Verger, BEL 298
Free Rifle, Kneeling Konrad Stäheli, SUI 324 Emil Kellenberger, SUI &Anders Peter Nielsen, DEN 314
Free Rifle, Prone Achille Paroche, FRA 332 Anders Peter Nielsen, DEN 330 Ole Østmo, NOR 329
Free Rifle, 3-Position Emil Kellenberger, SUI 930 Anders Peter Nielsen, DEN 921 Paul van Asbroeck, BEL & Ole Østmo, NOR 917
Free Rifle, 3-Position, Team Switzerland 4399 Norway 4290 France 4278
Live Pigeon Léon de Lunden, BEL 21 Maurice Faure, FRA 20 Donald Mackintosh, AUS & Crittenden Robinson, USA 18
Men Trap Roger de Barbarin, FRA 17 René Guyot, FRA 17 Justinien de Clary, FRA 17
1896 Athens
Event Gold Score Silver Score Bronze Score
Men’s Free Pistol Sumner Paine, USA 442 Holger Nielsen, DEN 285 Ioannis Frangoudis, GRE
Free Revolver Ioannis Frangoudis, GRE 344 Georgios Orphanidis, GRE 249 Holger Nielsen, DEN
Military Revolver John Paine, USA 442 Sumner Paine, USA 380 Nikolaos Dorakis, GRE 205
Free Rifle (300-Meter 1896-1906; 600-Meter 1924) Georgios Orphanidis, GRE 1583 Ioannis Frangoudis, GRE 1312 Viggo Jensen, DEN 1305
Military Rifle, 200 Meters Pantelis Karasevdas, GRE 2320 Paulos Pavlidis, GRE 1978 Nikolaos Trikoupes, GRE 1713
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