Technical Specifications
Calibre 22 LR
Overall Lenght 270 mm
Overall Height 145 mm
Overall Width 50 mm
Weight (without counter weight) 1000 g
Line of sight 220 mm long
Barrel 150 mm long
Trigger wright 1000 g
Magazine Capacity 5 or 10 shots


Unique DES 69
Sight Adjustments
Clockwise down.
Clockwise Right.
1 click = 8mm @ 25m
Trigger Adjustments

To reduce initial travel turn screw 3800 clockwise (Figs 5 & 7). There must be some takeup for the trigger to reset, so if trigger becomes irregular or refuses to set, turn screw 3800 anti clockwise.

Trigger Stop
To minimise after travel turn screw 3900 clockwise (Fig 7).

Trigger Weight
Loosen screw 6000 about 3mm in order to unlock screw 5930 (Fig 7). To increase trigger weight turn screw 5930 clockwise. When weight is set correctly, retighten screw 6000, taking care to make its point coincide with one of the four notches in screw 5930 to lock it in place.

Sear Spring Adjustment
If there is insufficiant pressure on the sear spring the pistol may machine gun. By turning screw 3410 clockwise the spring tension may be increased (Fig 8).
1. Push takedown lever 5300 upwards.
2. Pull the slide rearwards the extent of its travel.
3. Lift the rear of the slide upwards and ease forward to remove from frame.
2. 3.
Dry Fire Mechanism
The DES 69 has a built in facility for dry fire. Hammer must first be cocked, then screw 6300 turned clockwise until its shaft protrudes fully, and prevents the hammer from moving more than a few millimetres when the sear releases.Traps of the Frog Gun
Sight Radius

Be very aware that the sight radius of this pistol stretches the limits of UIT rules. Depending on where the rear sight is left in elevation will often determine whether it will pass a sight radius test at a gun check. This is because the rear sight not only moves up and down, but pivots fore and aft as it is adjusted in height.

Barrel Weights
There are several differing barrel weights made for the DES 69. In all cases they are fixed to the barrel by one or two set screws into the underside of the barrel. These weights tend to “walk” rearwards while shooting. If they move far enough back to come into contact with the end of the slide spring shaft, the headspace will be affected, and accuracy will suffer badly. So if your pistol seems to suddenly be shooting groups the size of a dinner plate, take a look at the barrel weight to make sure it is not the culprit.
Bon chance!


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