Technical Specifications
Calibre 22 LR
Overall Lenght 285 mm
Overall Height 140 mm
Overall Width 50 mm
Weight (without counter weight) 1140 g
Line of sight 220 mm long
Barrel 150 mm long
Trigger wright 1000 g
Magazine Capacity 5 or 6 shots

Sight Adjustments
Clockwise down.
Clockwise right.
1 click = 9mm @ 25m for elevation.
1 click = 6.5mm @ 25m for windage.

Trigger Stop
Vertical screw directly behind trigger (may be obscured by trigger shoe).

Trigger Weight
2nd vertical screw in front of trigger – inside set screw – turn clockwise to increase while leaving outer screw locked.

Sear Engagement
Adjusted by screw through rear of grip. Anti clockwise increases engagement.

1st Stage Travel
1st vertical screw in front of trigger. Clockwise decreases travel.

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