Text from YouTube: This is a Survival Kit Tip that shows you How To Make A Paracord Donut. This is a really easy way to store 550 paracord in your survival kit, bug out bag, get home bag or even just a day hiking bag or camping equipment. The paracord donut will always be ready for quick and easy use in any survival situation if this was packed as part of your survival gear or into a survival kit.

Text from YouTube: In this tutorial I show you how to make a paracord donut. It is a gluten free way of storing your paracord.

The method is most appropriate for small/medium lengths of paracord. It ensures that the cords will not get tangled up and results in a compact donut that does not take much space, so it is ideal for travel/camping purposes.

The technique is a variation of the chain sinnet and is quick deployment ready, meaning that cord can be removed from the donut easily.

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