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Hey Weavers! In this episode we will be making a paracord cell phone case / cell phone holster. The cell phone that I have is a One Plus 6T which is about 6.5″ in size. The amount of paracord you will need will vary depending on the size of your phone, so please take that into account. Overall I’m pretty happy with the way this case/holster turned out. I carried it for a few days and it works very well just as any cell phone holster would. It definitely is much bulkier though as it is indeed made of paracord. I would suggest you do make it fit your phone dimensions with a snug fit as the retention is needed to keep the phone secure. You could also make this case without the belt loops and simply use it as a slip case for your phone. Lastly, a big thank you to Shawn over at @eastcoastcord on Instagram for inspiring this tutorial. Hope you all like it!

Paracord Used (Approximately):
17 ft (518 cm) Grey 550 Paracord
[2] x 7 ft (213 cm) Grey 550 Paracord *Gutted*
[2] x 10.5 ft (320 cm) Navy 550 Paracord *Gutted*
[2] x 3 ft (91 cm) Grey 550 Paracord *Gutted* / Belt Loops

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