Technical Specifications
Model Short barrel Long barrel
Calibre 6.35 mm Browning (.25 ACP) 6.35 mm Browning (.25 ACP)
Overall Lenght 114 mm 146 mm
Overall Height    
Overall Width    
Weight 370 g 395 g
Line of sight    
Barrel 55 mm 86 mm
Trigger wright    
Magazine Capacity 6 shots 6 shots
Produced 1923 to 1940 1923 to 1940
This is the first pistol produced by Manufacture d’Armes des Pyrenees, Hendaye, France, and therefore the first to use the “Unique” name. A basic Browning blowback type pistol, this model has no grip safety, but does have the normal thrumb and magazine safeties.
The French Firm of unique sold these model 10s between the wars to anyone who felt they needed a personal protection pistol. They were close copies of the various Colt and Browning designs and were made to very high standards of fit and finish.And to add some confusion, Unique manufactured the Model 10 for other companies that sold under them their brand name : IXOR, ARMUS, AUDAX, DEMON and many others, including à … LE LION ! The same was true for the Unique Model 10 direct challenger, the MAB Type A.

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