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Une page de News, pour vous autant que pour nous. Indiquez les évènements marquants de la vie de vos clubs, les grandes performances, les manifestations que vous organisez.

Après l’Or d’Atlanta, l’Or à Sidney

Rajmond DEBEVEC remporte l’Or avec la carabine X Concept imaginée et fabriquée par la société UNIQUE.

Avec sa nouvelle carabine : la X Concept, la société UNIQUE d’Hendaye s’est attirée les faveurs de tireurs internationaux : c’est donc le tireur Slovène qui a porté les couleurs basques sur le podium Olympique du millénium dans la discipline reine du 3X40.
Mise au point avec l’aide de Jean-Pierre AMAT, le vainqueur d’Atlanta, la carabine X Concept est un condensé de technologie et de solutions ergonomiques. Jamais on avait été si loin dans la recherche du détail pour gagner. Cerise sur le gâteau, avant d’être la meilleure du monde Olympique elle était déjà la plus belle carabine du monde.

La société Hendayaise, petit poucet dans un monde dominé par les industriels germaniques, vient donc de placer pour la deuxième fois consécutive une de ses carabines sur la plus haute marche du podium entre les mains du Slovène Rajmond DEBEVEC.

Le nouveau recordman Olympique était venu se ressourcer à Hendaye au mois de Juin le temps de faire préparer et contrôler son arme. Plus de 5000 km en voiture pour goûter aux douceurs du pays basque, se ressourcer, et fignoler sa préparation.

Le slovène Rajmond DEBEVEC est, depuis plusieurs années, une valeur sûre du tir mondial. Il est l’un des amis proches de Jean-Pierre Amat, et c’est ce dernier qui favorisera les contacts avec la manufacture d’armes pour que Rajmond DEBEVEC puisse tirer avec une carabine UNIQUE.
A l’entrée des jeux
 DEBEVEC était l’un des grands favoris de la manufacture d’armes d’Hendaye. Parmi ses atouts majeurs, Rajmond possède l’espèrience de la victoire. C’est le recordman du monde des victoires en coupe du monde. Dominer la pression jusqu’à la dernière balle, c’est toute la difficulté pour ces tireurs dont le niveau est très proche.
A Sydney, c’est donc l’espèrience d’un tireur servi merveilleusement par un outil bien adapté qui ont remporté la victoire. 
Au mois de Juin, 
Rajmond avait rendu visite aux armuriers d’UNIQUE avec deux tireurs de l’équipe Slovène. Ils partaient tous les matins pour un footing d’une dizaine de kilomètres, notamment sur la grande plage d’Hendaye, partageant les mêmes embruns salés que les surfeurs. 
Chaleureux, très amicaux, ils avaient été particulièrement heureux de découvrir les spécialités de la gastronomie française et les douceurs du fromage de brebis. La beauté sauvage de la côte, les douceurs des reliefs et la verdeur des prairies basques leur rappelaient la Slovénie car ce pays, comme le pays basque, réunit à la fois la douceur de l’air de la mer et des plages et la rudesse de la montagne

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A News page, for you as much as for us. Indicate the highlights of the life of your clubs, the great performances, the events you organize.

After Gold Atlanta, Gold at Sidney

Rajmond DEBEVEC wins gold with the X Concept rifle designed and manufactured by the company UNIQUE.

With its new rifle: the X Concept, the UNIQUE company of Hendaye attracted the favors of international shooters: it is therefore the Slovene shooter who wore the Basque colors on the Olympic podium of the millennium in the discipline queen of the 3X40 .
Developed with the help of Jean-Pierre AMAT, the Atlanta winner, the X Concept rifle is a summary of technology and ergonomic solutions. Never had we been so far in the search for detail to win. The icing on the cake, before being the best in the Olympic world, it was already the most beautiful rifle in the world.

The company Hendayaise, a small thumb in a world dominated by German industrialists, has therefore placed for the second consecutive time one of its rifles on the top step of the podium in the hands of the Slovenian Rajmond DEBEVEC.

The new Olympic recorder came to recharge in Hendaye in June to prepare and control his weapon. More than 5000 km by car to taste the sweets of the Basque country, to recharge, and to refine its preparation.

The Slovenian Rajmond DEBEVEC has, for several years, been a sure value of the global shooting. He is one of Jean-Pierre Amat’s close friends, and it is the latter who will encourage contact with the weapons factory so that Rajmond DEBEVEC can fire with a UNIQUE rifle.
At the entrance of the games DEBEVEC was one of the great favorites of the manufacture of arms of Hendaye. Rajmond’s victory is one of Rajmond’s greatest assets. He is the world record holder of World Cup victories. To dominate the pressure until the last ball is the difficulty for these shooters whose level is very close.
In Sydney, it was the experience of a shooter who was served wonderfully by a well-adapted tool that won the victory.
In June, Rajmond had visited the gunsmiths of UNIQUE with two shooters of the Slovenian team. They left every morning for a jogging of about ten kilometers, especially on the great beach of Hendaye, sharing the same salt spray as surfers.
Warm, very friendly, they were particularly happy to discover the specialties of French gastronomy and the sweetness of sheep cheese. The wild beauty of the coast, the sweetness of the reliefs and the greenness of the Basque meadows reminded them of Slovenia, because this country, like the Basque country, combines the sweetness of the sea air and the beaches with the roughness of the mountain


Putting the records straight
There was a rumour going round that the barrel shot by Jean-Pierre Amat in winning Olympic Gold in Atlanta was made in Scotland and not in France!
Border Barrels, at our request, have sent a letter of apology, dated 28th January 2000, to put the records straight.
It is unfortunate and unsporting that a company should make such claims, but what saddens us most is the fact that certain people were gullible enough to give credit to this type of rumour.
At a time when the elite are preparing to defend their colours in Australia we would like to think that the letter in question has put an end to pernicious allusions and has brought us back to values of honesty, fidelity and freindship without which nothing else really matters.
News from Scotland
Jock Allan is considered by many top shooters as a sort of father figure. First shooter ever to attain the mythical 600 out of 600, he has an outstanding record of performance and victory in all corners of the world.
Jock has just chosen to shoot our X-Concept rifle equipped with a light barrel to ease the strain on a damaged left arm.
Three days to choose the barrel: a real pro! Between lunching on Atxoa (the traditional Basque meal) while drinking a glass of Irouleguy wine and shooting in our test range at lunchtime (when factory vibrations have ceased), Jock did not hesitate to opt for the second solution.
Jock is, at present, a free-lance coach. Among his up and coming stars is Mike Babb, silver medallist at the European championships in Bordeaux. Mike has chosen to shoot with the X-Concept mounted on a wooden stock (question of morphology).
Sweden: King D.E.S.
1998 was such a good year for Unique’s D.E.S. pistols that the event almost went unnoticed: the D.E.S’s were winning competitions everywhere, in Malaysia, in Norway, in the Commonwealth Games and in the Nordic Games.
Erik Torgander pointed out to us that in 1998 the D.E.S had broken the barrier of 200 Gold Medals in the Swedish national championships. Bravo, Swedish shooters!
Just a reminder that the D.E.S. pistol, used by the the Australian, the Norwegian, the South African teams, is the biggest medal-winner in Sweden where its domination is just as great as in its home territory.
Once again quality pays off!
In Bordeaux, at the last European championships in summer, Rajmond Debevec had a go with Jean-Pierre Amat’s X-Concept rifle. It is said of the X-Concept “to try it is to adopt it”, so you can probably guess what happened next.
Welcome, Rajmond! We are proud to count among our friends the holder of a record number of victories in the World Cup.
News from France
A big thankyou to all the shooters who call us, fax us, or send e-mails to make suggestions or simply to let us know what they are doing. This page is for such shooters.
A maxi Bravo to the young hopefuls of the junior team for their superb performance in Bordeaux. What a promising future!
We would appreciate it if Valerian would leave off fiddling with his rifle. Every time he takes it apart he loses something! OK, it will be so good that it will be unique (!!) but nevertheless.
Josselin now has his X-Concept, and Franck Badiou too.
Jean-Pierre Amat doesn’t want to change anything at all on his own X-Concept. We proposed the latest version but he says he’s happy with what he’s got!
And what about the girls?
Well, Valerie Bellenoue is now rated ‘X’ (Concept, of course). Together with Laure Berthillet and Catherine Schmitt, this makes one helluva team!
Rumours are circulating about a future marriage between Unique and a major ammunition manufacturer, which might be on the cards for September 2000.
Like many rumours, this is false, but a little true at the same time. It is perfectly true that Unique has decided to invest in research to explore even more deeply the mysteries of barrel/ammunition interaction. Impossible to do this all by ourselves so, we will be exchanging lots and lots of data.
Did you know?
More and more frequently Unique’s stainless steel match barrels are acquired for use in other firearms. We, of course, can only encourage shooters in this direction.
After all, it is perfectly normal to buy a bicycle with a special request for a Shimano derailer, so why not a stock made by xxxxx with a special demand for a Unique barrel?


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