Technical Specifications
Overall Lenght 370 mm
Overall Height 165 mm
Overall Width 40 mm
Weight (without counter weight) 1750 g
Line of sight 230 mm long
Barrel 250 mm long
Trigger wright from 300 g to 1200 g
Magazine Capacity  
Sight Adjustments
Clockwise down.
1 click = 16mm @ 50m.
Clockwise right.
1 click = 18mm @ 50m.Trigger AdjustmentsTrigger Weight
Turn screw 3550 clockwise to increase trigger weight.Sear Engagement
Turn screw 3530 anti clockwise to increase sear engagement. Ensure there is enough engagement at all times to prevent the sear sliding off and firing accidentally.

Trigger Stop
Screw 3540. Turn clockwise to decrease after travel.

To remove shrouded barrel from receiver open the pistol by pushing forward on the locking lever, then turn screws 5200 anticlockwise to loosen and remove the pivot pin 8100.

To remove the barrel from its shroud – after removing shrouded barrel from the receiver, loosen screws 8200 on the left hand side and screw 8250 on the right hand side to spread the flanges of the shroud slightly. Loosen screw 1130, then remove the extractor 1100, the barrel 2200 and the shim ring.


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